Australia Day 2015 – Cheesymite Scrolls

For some strange reason, FIFODad has missed every Australia Day since he started working away. And rather than traipse into town with the littlies (who are far to little if you ask me) for the Sky Show, we try to get our ‘Aussie’ on at home.

Today was slip and slides in the backyard, Hottest 100 on the radio,homemade Cheesymite Scrolls for lunch, a sausage sizzle for dinner and Passionfruit Jelly Icey Poles for dessert. For those of you interested in the scrolls, I used the first recipe I found on Google and it was awesome!! Check it out here:

And the iceypoles were even easier – make up jelly as normal and pour into iceypole containers. Add a dash of cream before inserting sticks and pop them in the freezer until set. Hardly a health conscious recipe but fun and easy sometimes food for the lads.

We rounded the evening off in patriotic style with a blue dyed bath (food colouring) and two very tired midgets.

Hope your Australia Day celebrations hit the spot. Sending my love out to all the FIFO Mammas at home on their own tonight and to the FIFO Dads stuck at work. If you’re at the Sky Show, enjoy it for me – it might be a few years before I get down there again!!





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