A Word from FIFOBoy…

‘Magic would be being able to fart at someone and turn them into a giraffe, an elephant or even a mosquito’.



A Word from FIFOBoy…

FIFOBaby has hit the glorious 18month mark wherin tatrums have become the norm. This morning, FIFODad and I deployed the timeout. The term is 2 minutes (FIFOBoy gets 4 as it is dictated by age).

Me: Oooooo! Campbell is getting his first timeout.
FIFOBoy: I’ve had lots of those.

Apparently the old prison rat thinks a short stint is a piece of cake.

A Word from FIFOBoy…

FIFOBoy loves to try to initiate conversations whilst he is on the toilet. Tonight’s foray was particularly sweet…

FIFOBoy: Muuuuuuuum!
Me: Yes, love?
FIFOBoy: You’re beautiful!
Me: thanks, baby. But I think that could have waited until you came out of the loo…
FIFOBoy: I could never wait to say it, Mum!

A Word from FIFOBoy…

FIFOBoy is visiting the hairdresser’s for a much needed trim. He insists she make it look ‘cool’ – specifically: ‘side parted but messy’.

Hairdresser: I can do that. You know what’s cool, don’t ya?
FIFOBoy: Yeah, I do – me.

Ah, the arrogance of youth!

Special Mention: Christy from Paul Astone for Hair at Warwick

A Word from FIFOBoy…

We are on an old school Disney rampage! An epic tour of my childhood favorites – fast forwarded when required to avoid people dying (I had no idea how many of these there are!).

Today’s edition: The Little Mermaid, which I am embarrassed to admit I remember seeing at the cinemas. That may date me… Anyhoo… Here’s the outcome…

*credits roll*

FIFOBoy: But where’s the fork gone?

Clearly – he found this one scintillating.

A Word from FIFOBoy…

FIFOBoy: You’re a bumhead.
FIFODad: Why am I a bumhead?
FIFOBoy: Because you are.
FIFODad: I don’t think I am.
FIFOBoy: You are.
FIFODad: You are rude.
FIFOBoy: No I am not.
FIFODad: Yes, you are rude and you back chat.
FIFOBoy: No I don’t.

Someone needs a dictionary.

A Word from FIFOBoy…

Driving around the shipyards in Henderson…
FIFODad: See boys? Thats where they build boats. Can you see the big crane?
FIFOBoy (in awe): Thats bloody huge!

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Maddie Rose

An old* friend of mine recently started talking about a design project she had been working on for a little girl fighting cancer and her lovely family. It took me a while but I realised she was talking about a little girl I knew. A little girl I had met when she was a brand new bubba and coo-ed over with her mother and doting older sister.

I had no idea these two parts of my world knew each other, let alone that they were working together in such an amazing way! I can’t help but think that this is a nudge from the big wide world and as such, I am writing a post about Maddie in the hopes someone else out there can help.

Here is an excerpt from Christie Blizzard’s website (this is the amazing ‘old/dear’ friend of mine co-ordinating the project:

I am doing a renovation for a family in need. They have an 8-month old with stage 4 cancer and she is undergoing vigorous chemo…..

Maddie’s family started an extensive renovation to their home just weeks before Maddie was diagnosed. Sadly, the diagnosis meant the renovation was to take a back seat. However, with this came the reality their “half done” home was not safe for Maddie and with all the dust and hazards, Maddie couldn’t live at home and as her dad was so busy trying to make the home complete, she was missing out on special family time.

So far Christie has arranged the support of some amazingly generous tradies to help out with the renovations and a fantastic auction supported by local businesses. But there is still so much more to do – and you can help! Any donation, big or small would be so gratefully received and you can do this by following this link: https://www.mycause.com.au/page/themaddieroseproject

Or if you are a business and think you can help, Christie is still on the hunt for furniture, white goods, home furnishing, manchester and electrical appliances to complete the home. You can reach the amazing Christie Blizzard at christie@christieblizzard.com or via her website http://www.christieblizzard.com/bring-maddie-home-help-needed/

You can follow marvelous Maddie and the project’s progress on their Facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/MaddieRoseProject?id=1420232178226453&_rdr

And last, but not at all least – you can help by spreading the word! Lets find out if everyone really does know everyone here in Perth and see how much support we can drum up for this tiny little sweetheart and her amazing family!!

*Said friend is not fond of my use of the word ‘old’ and would prefer ‘long term’ and or ‘dear’.


A Word from FIFOBoy…

FIFOBoy is arguing with FIFODad. He disagrees with FIFODad, loudly, even though FIFODad is agreeing with him. I have had enough so I say, commandingly;
ME: STOP arguing with your father.
FIFOBoy: But I like arguing. It’s my bestest bit.
FIFODad (without missing a beat): It really is your favorite isn’t it?
FIFOBoy: Yep. I LOVE it. And I’m awfully good at it too!